Mermaid Mayhem : A Deep Sea Card Battle for Glory

Mermaid Mayhem is an exciting card based adventure for ages 8 and up! Take your mermaid battle squad on a danger filled treasure hunt. Grow your party and punish your foes as you race to claim the most treasure.

Mermaid Mayhem was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May of 2021.

Contains 160 Cards
22 Mermaid Cards
18 Action Cards
7 Effect Cards
26 Assist Cards
10 Team Cards
33 Encounter Cards
14 Boss Cards
20 Treasure Cards
5 Bonus Story Cards
5 Blank Mermaid Cards

How To Play
House Rules


How many mermaids should each player have at the start of the game?
-Each player begins with their TEAM cards in play, consisting of 2 mermaids.

What is the MAX number of mermaids someone can have in play?
-Each player starts with 2 mermaids (their TEAM cards) and can play an additional 2 from their hand for a total of 4 Mermaids. If a player plays a "Party Invite" card their MAX mermaid count goes up by 1. Add more party invites to further increase the size of your team.

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