Line of Ruin is an adventure with a touch of mystery centered around a girl on her quest for family. Deirdre finds escape in books, seeking the love and excitement shes missing in her own life. Adopted into a loveless home, Deirdre finds slight comfort in the warmth of the house staff but a few kind words just aren't enough. The one thing she wants in life is to be wanted; until the day she gets her wish. Pulled into a land of things she never dreamed possible, Deirdre must struggle against unearthly forces.

Experience exciting locations and fantastical creatures: unfamiliar technology and unfamiliar customs. Join Deirdre on her quest to find her family, on her journey home.

Line of Ruin Volume 1 was successfully Kickstarted in April of 2015.

Line of Ruin Volume 2 was successfully Kickstarted in June of 2016.

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