What is "Redraw June"?

Redraw June is an event done to encourage artists to celebrate growth in themselves and recognize the growth in others.

It's easy to get discouraged by someone elses impressive work, or to be discouraged because you feel like you aren't growing. This is the time to say, "Wow! look how far they've come! Hey! Look how far I'VE come too!"

No artist gets where they are without work and the only artist who doesn't improve is the artist who stops working. Keep it up!

How do I participate?

Celebrate your journey by remembering your roots. This month, share some of your old art and if you have time redraw it to see how you've grown and share that too.

To help others see how you've grown and to see how others have grown, use the hashtag #redrawjune

Join the fun and see what other artists are doing!

Don't have any old art you want to share?

Meet June! She's here to help you track your progress. Each year, during Redraw June take a minute to, well, redraw June. It's a great way to track your progress across a consistent subject and to see how artists all over the world might attack the same problem.

June is growth! June is celebration! June may look different to everyone. Who is June to you?

Created by -        Daniel Hooker        |        Naomi Franquiz        |        Ben Bruce
@DanielHookerArt @No_Nami @ArtofBenBruce